An Atari 810 Disk Drive For MicroSD – Built To Scale

This is the twee-est disk drive I’ve ever seen! Those of you who are old enough will remember the Atari 400 and 800 systems, with their separate disk drive, the 810. This Rossum character has put together a working replica of the 810 that takes MicroSD cards – at about a hundredth the size.

Yes, it’s not a novelty card reader, it’s a working Atari disk drive. The enclosure was made using fabrication service Shapeways, though unfortunately it was necessary to emulate the hardware, as shrinking it wasn’t an option. So there’s a microcontroller that mounts the file system and checks for disk files, and then “mounts” them, sending the appropriate information to the Atari.

Add a little paint and the look is complete. Rossum will be putting the source, 3D model, and everything up on Github soon, so if you want to replicate it, it’s just a little elbow grease standing between you and a tiny drive.

[via Hacker News]