TC Cribs: The Sights And Smells Of LikeALittle’s Ridiculous Hacker House

Warning: if you are an obsessively clean person, you may want to skip this episode of TC Cribs.

For those of you brave enough to tune in, here’s a bit of an explanation.

Over the last few months we’ve seen some pretty blinged-out offices, featuring go-karts, gorgeous skyline views, and endless supplies of free snacks and beer. But the reality is that most startups don’t look anything like that. Instead, they often consist a handful of founders working (and sleeping) out of somebody’s apartment and eating ramen noodles twice a day with the occasional pizza splurge. LikeALittle (LAL) is a lot like that.

For those that haven’t seen it, LAL is a college-focused service that’s like a more structured version of Craigslist’s missed connections, allowing students to post ‘flirts’ to other nearby users. The company just raised some seed money from a very impressive list of investors. And the team consists of a dozen young guys sitting in one room in a house in Palo Alto.

There’s stuff everywhere. Not necessarily gross stuff, but the floor was littered with dolls, photos of Ashton Kutcher, iPads, markers, venture capitalist business cards, and popcorn. In other words, it was a lot like my college dorm. And it’s awesome.

Credit once again goes to Ashley Pagán and John Murillo for the camera work, and to Mr. Murillo for the great editing.

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