Scrible Launches Rich Web Annotation App To The Public

Startup Scrible is launching its rich web annotation tool to the public today. Scrible is also announcing that it has received a $500,000 grant from the National
Science Foundation (NSF).

The service’s bookmarklet allows users to save and organize web pages and richly annotate articles with highlighters and sticky notes. You can also share annotated web pages with others. All of your saved web annocations are stored within your Scrible account and the startup will index this so your can search and filter through your saved content.

One of the virtues of using Scrible is that it saves the whole contents of the page for later, so the page and content is still saved in case the information changes or goes offline. The startup says that its tool is ideal for any sort of web research, especially in the educational fields.

Scrible faces competition from Instapaper.