Cognitive Match lures Yahoo’s chief advertising platform architect

Cognitive Match is a startup applying artificial intelligence, learning mathematics, psychology and semantic technologies to match content (product, offers, or editorial) to realtime content.

Last year it raised a Series B investment of $2.5m from Dawn Capital, taking its war-chest to around $3.5m.

It’s now using that to bring in major talent. Dave Burgess, previously Yahoo!’s Chief Architect of Advertising Solutions, has joined the team and will be responsible for overall product strategy and software engineering for the company. Based at the company’s Palo Alto, California offices, Burgess joins after Cognitive Match has landed new customers including The Guardian, Yahoo!, Steve Madden and AOL.

Cognitive Match Founder CEO Alex Kelleher said Burgess will now lead the product, software engineering, research and IT operations teams. Prior to Yahoo!, Burgess held the roles of Principal Architect at E2open, and Advisory Architect at IBM.