Vivint Adds Free In-Home Tornado Alerts

Vivint is rolling out an in-home tornado alert for its home security and automation systems that use the Go!Control panel. This free application will automatically download to users in 20 states through-out the US’s midsection. Once a tornado warning is issued in the customer’s area, the touchscreen Go!Control panel will beep loudly three times and then display a detailed message. This will continue until the owner disables the alarm or the warning expires.

I’m currently testing Vivint’s system and this demonstrates Vivint — previously APX Alarm — built a scalable system that’s clearly going to be well supported. This particular upgrade makes a ton of sense. The Go!Control touchscreen panel is constantly connected through an integrated 3G modem and has a battery backup in case of power failure. That combo makes it an ideal system to display emergency warnings. Hopefully more applications and functions like this are in the Vivint pipeline.