New Marketplace: inMojo Is An Etsy For Open Source Hardware

Hardware and gadget freaks with a penchant for hand-made open source hardware now have a marketplace, which lets them sell and buy open (source) hardware online and worldwide. For sellers, inMojo solves the problem of limited sales channels and great ideas simply getting lost in the crowd. Open hardware buyers now have a destination to discover and compare new open hardware products in a collected setting.

inMojo works much like Etsy, the well-known marketplace for handmade items, just with a focus on open hardware. The site lets you sell any kind of items that fall under its definition of Open Source Hardware and also assists people in making stuff (“inMojo Fabrication Support”).

There are also a number of other features for sellers, for example attribution tracking, licensing and marketing support, special offers for hackerspaces and students etc. etc.

Here‘s the direct link to an overview of the most popular hardware offered on inMojo at the moment, including:

Ion Chamber Radiation Detector Kit by Mad Scientist Hut (a DIY radiation detector that can be built for just under $10)

Noopy 2-Wheel Robot by Noopy Robot Shop (a hackable arduino-based robot platform for $160)

Kimono Solar Lantern Kit by Tokyo Hackerspace (a hackable solar powered lantern for $12)

Minty Time Binary Clock Kit by Wicked Device (a binary clock housed in an Altoids tin for $23)

Keyglove by Jeff Rowberg (a “wearable input device” for $180)