Kima Ventures announces new investment in Yellowbrck, a Foursquare for parents

Social networking is definitely no longer targeting just the young adult demographic – and Kima Ventures wants a piece of the larger social networking pie. Xavier Niel and Jérémie Berrebi’s seed fund has just announced a $150K investment in YellowBrck, a Foursquare-like social network for parents.

Via YellowBrck’s iPhone application, parents can share and exchange ideas and activities related to their kids with other parents nearby. So next time you head to the park, school or the museum with your kids – it’ll be easier to share your whereabouts and connect your children with their friends.

Just like Foursquare, YellowBrck comes complete with check-ins and badges – but the best part is that parents can actually earn coupons and reductions at stores like TotsyAbe’s MarketDappleEcoMom and Torly Kid.

There definitely seems to be more and more parent-oriented sites and applications popping-up recently. For example, a new French startup called Yoopies (launched after Startup Weekend Paris last year) provides a similar Foursquare-like application for parents – but focuses more on helping connect parents with recommended babysitters nearby. And just last week, a brand new site called Wondercity launched and is aiming to provide parents with an online community to share activities that they do with their kids.

I guess that means you should consider checking-in on YellowBrck next time you’re changing your baby’s diaper. Who knows, you may even win something…