Booshaka Now Ranks And Classifies Your Likes On Facebook Pages

We’ve covered Booshaka, a startup that takes Facebook search and adding a few bells and whistles to allow users to segment search by topic and provide trending topics around what people on Facebook are talking about. Today, Booshaka is bringing an intelligent layer to your likes, by ranking and classifying all of your activity on Facebook Pages using social signals such as posts, comments and likes.

Booshaka has indexed over a million pages on Facebook, and matches this against your activity on these pages. So when you login to Booshaka with Facebook connect, the site will categorize all of your likes of Facebook pages, as well as posts and comments on these pages, showing you a list of these pages. Booshaka also categorizes the types of pages you’ve liked by TV Shows, Musicians, Public Figures and more.

You can then click on these pages to see where you and your friends rank on leaderboard that measures activity and quality of activity. You can also view a particular fan’s stats and activity by clicking on them in the leaderboard. Brands, individuals and companies can also register their Facebook page with Boshaka if it is not already indexed.

And Booshaka is offering a brand-focused product that allows Facebook page owners to install an app that will create a leaderboard tab on their page, allowing fans to see who is commenting, and posting the most on a page.

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