RIM Announces BlackBerry Bold 9900 And 9930 With BBOS 7 And NFC

The brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 is a 1.2GHz smartphone (RIM’s “thinnest yet”) that runs Blackberry OS 7 and includes NFC connectivity and a touchscreen interface.

The phone includes NFC connectivity for smart tags as well as Augmented Reality features that use a compass and GPS to assess the phone’s position in space. It also has an 720p HD video recording camera. It also supports universal search (including voice activated search) and a much faster browser with “Just In Time” JavaScript compiling.

This phone also runs BlackBerry 7 (aka BlackBerry OS 6.1) including a new product called Balance that allows for remote wiping and full app control that prevents users from moving, for example, text from an email to a web-app. It separates, as RIM says, “personal content from corporate content.” The Bold supports BlackBerry ID, as well, a single-sign-on system to bring up all of your logins at once using a single password.

The phone will be available this summer. We have a quick hands on right here.