Bin Laden's Compound Gets A Bum Review On Google Maps

Google Maps users have been busy as the news of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s mansion was breaking. A pretty large compound listed on Google Maps in the city of Abbottābad, northern Pakistan has been picked out by users as being the genuine article – and with huge walls around it, it does indeed look quite suspect.

Whether or not it is the genuine article is unknown, but that is not stopping people leaving a slew of comments on the “venue’s” Google Maps page.

Some choicer reviews include:

“Great hideout would use again.”
“Heat sources are undeniable. This place is blazing! ”
“Cold and drafty at night, walls full of holes. ”
” on the menu was goat flesh, and the place reeked of burning garbage. ”
“Located in cozy, quiet neighborhood. Interrupted only occasionally by machine gun fire.”

Perhaps the best so far:

“Aside from the complimentary dialysis machine use, easy underground access to Pakistan’s beautiful vast cave system, and free toaster waffles, it’s a pretty big dump. The food wasn’t organic, the wifi was spotty at best, absolutely no cell coverage, (yelp reviews were so wrong on that one) and no one spoke English. To make it worse, the country’s best basketball player, some 6’7″ dude with a turban, gets shot our first night there. And the coffee was cold. We’re so not coming back.”


Before anyone wants to barge into Bin Laden’s former abode, the exact location has now be confirmed as a different building, not far away, here.

Luckily, the user reviews are equally hilarious.