Jack Dorsey Shares Some Big Square Numbers: 341,688 Readers Shipped, $137M Total Flow

Square founder and CEO Jack Dorsey just tweeted a photo of the company’s internal dashboard, and, aside from looking very sexy, it’s boasting some impressive numbers. Among them: Square has shipped 341,688 of its card readers to date and has 332,483 activated users.

As Dorsey’s tweet points out, Square is also showing some very impressive growth: on March 2, Square was processing $1 million per day. Now, less than two months later, it’s doubled that, with $2 million in processed payments today alone (and there’s still some time left on the clock).

Other stats on the dashboard: Square’s total flow to date, which I believe means the total amount of transactions it’s done, is just shy of $137 million. Its revenue for today is $59,390,  a 40% increase since last Friday. It’s unclear what drove the huge gain over last week — perhaps Square’s availability in Apple retail stores is contributing to the growth spurt.

Update: More stats — it’s a little hard to read, but it looks like Square might have 23,630 ‘Card Payments’ (which might be the number of transactions today). It also looks like they had 9,078 active users today (again, it’s a little hard to make out). I’ve included an image that has gone through our special CSI:Enhance filter below.