Gigabyte's Touch BIOS Makes Changing Memory Timings Fun And Easy

If you’ve put together your own PC before, chances are you’ve had to dip into the BIOS to change a few things around, switch the boot priority, things like that. But as essential as the BIOS tools are, the UI has always been a bit daunting. Keyboard navigation of an 80s-style ASCII interface isn’t something you expect in this modern age.

So Gigabyte has gone ahead and given their BIOS a shiny new touch-compatible layer, for those of you rocking all-in-ones or touchscreen monitors. Practical? Not really. But hey, why not?

Interestingly, Gigabyte is among the few motherboard manufacturers which have not gone over to UEFI, the new mobo-level firmware interface. In fact, I have a P67-UDP4 sitting behind me that’s probably the last of the old-school BIOS breed — which was actually part of the draw for me, as the new UEFI boards are still working out the kinks, or so I hear.

As for the touchscreen thing — it could be nice for helping people troubleshoot or get more out of their PCs, but I don’t think there’s really a big market for it just yet. Observe this powerful Venn diagram:

See? The statistics show very clearly that this Touch BIOS has a hard future ahead of it.

[via HardOCP]