LivingTechie Is A Groupon For Techies

Just to add more fuel to the conflict of interest fire we have raging over at TC HQ today, TechCrunch Israeli correspondent Roi Carthy has decided to build a startup and we are writing about it. You’d think being a TechCrunch writer would make Carthy shy away from doing something as hackneyed as a Groupon clone, but Carthy’s daily deals site has a twist!

(DISCLOSURE: I, like Carthy, write for TechCrunch)

Similar to which we posted on earlier today, LivingTechie is targeting people in the techie/hipster/early adopter user base by limiting its daily deal email list to people who have companies listed in Crunchbase (they validate against the URL). People who receive the Living Techie emails can then share them with other people via a special link.

“While we are purposefully creating a ‘club house’ for employees of the tech/startup industry, once a deal is received, it can be shared with anyone,” Carthy tells me.

Carthy wants the site to continue to feature vertical discounts and deals that are particularly appealing to the tech early adopter crowd, like I dunno iPad cases. Powered by DealCoop, Living Techie starts right out of the gate with deals from JackThreads, Wakemate, ioSafe and vibrator company JimmyJane. Of course.