HTC Job Posting Hints Of Future Automotive Integration

HTC is looking for an experienced professional to lead the company into the automotive technology game. Apple established itself long ago in the automotive audio field with smart iPod/iPhone integration and this job posting seems to say the smartphone company is looking to follow suit, which will hopefully lead to smoother roads for Android and Windows Mobile users.

Most new cars over the last few years are ready and willing for an iDevice with compatible software and the right cables. The HTC job posting seeks someone to build a business and talk to OEMs. Apple has been doing this for years and it’s obvious to car shoppers looking at the in-vehicle infotainment suite. Often the only thing Android users can do is connect via Bluetooth for phone functions with the occasional support for audio over Bluetooth.

Hopefully other Android phone manufacturers are exploring this consumer-focused market as well. Android is quickly becoming the dominate smartphone platform of choice so the opportunity is clearly there for tighter integration with automotive systems. [HTC via Electronista]