Cardpool Mobile Allows You To Buy And Use Gift Cards On The Go

Y Combinator-backed Cardpool recently launched the ability to sell a gift card online without having to mail it in via snail mail. Cardpool launched this feature because the startup realized that many customers didn’t want to wait for cards to arrive in the mail and were impulsive buyers. Now the startup is taking this one step further with the launch of Cardpool Mobile, a web app that allows customers who have an iPhone or Android phone purchase discounted gift cards that are instantly delivered to their phone so they can use them in store or online immediately.

Customers can literally be waiting in line at the checkout counter, and can purchase gift cards at discounted rates for the value. Cardpool allows you to buy card at discounts (which vary depending on the store), users get more for their money. For example, for a $30 BestBuy card you will receive a 6 percent discount.

Taking Cardpool mobile makes sense considering it gives consumers access to discounts on the go, and capitalizes on the online to offline shopping experience. The startup says that mobile gift cards can be used at any retail location as well as online. Once you purchase the card via the mobile app, you can simply show the gift card code to the cashier for the discount.

The startup says that Cardpool Mobile invites are being sent to existing customers first and will be rolled out to the public soon afterwards. Cardpool has raised angel funding from a number of well known investors including Jeff Fluhr, Ron Conway, Max Levchin, Mitch Kapor, Alfred Lin, Naval Ravikant, Chris Dixon, Chris Sacca, and Paul Buchheit.