Vevo, the Hulu-for-music-videos, opens up in the UK

Music video site Vevo, which now claims to be the third largest source for video on the web, has opened up in the UK today, including versions of its iPhone, iPad & Android apps hitting their respective local app stores.

In September of last year, the site boasted 49 million unique video viewers per-month, with 500 million views in the US and 1.4 billion in the rest of the world. However, that was before it could be accessed in Britain and with Vevo’s doors open across the pond it’s likely we’ll see the site grow further, which could be bad news for local player Muzu.TV.

Vevo is a joint venture between Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment and the Abu Dhabi Media Company, while the site also offers content from EMI. It operates independently with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco.

Caltologue-wise, Vevo offers over 30,000 videos from 8,000 artists and its content is also syndicated to YouTube, AOL, BET, and CBS/