Dan Abrams' Media Empire Unveils Its Seventh Site, The Mogul-Focused Mogulite

Mogulite, the seventh site in Dan Abrams’ Media Metwork goes live today at 6am EST. In the same family as Mediaite, Geekosystem and The Mary Sue, Mogulite will focus on chronicling the lives of moguls of all stripes, ranging from Mark Cuban to Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington and more!

The site boasts The Real Deal’s Amy Tennery as managing editor and The Daily Beast’s Peter Lauria as consulting editor and will feature content such as an ever changing mogul “Power Grid”  @Jack, @Ev, @Biz and @AriannaHuff are on it) and a spectrum of blog posts about the rich and powerful, from “Pizza And Condoms: The Weirdest Kate And William Products” to “What Microsoft CEO Ballmer Gets Wrong About Employee Compensation.”

From the “Welcome To Mogulite” introduction post:

“We’re committed to the idea that what the ultra-wealthy and powerful do matters, as much as many would like to deny it. We’re ready to celebrate those helping to change things for the better – while, on the other hand, highlighting hypocrisy and exposing those secretly serving as puppeteers, to make our lives more treacherous. We’d like to keep apace with the gobstoppingly wealthy — preferably over a round of aged scotch. If we can’t make it into the boardroom, we can at least join you top tax bracket folks at the Harvard Club and share a drink, right? No? Okay, fine. We’ll be at our laptops.”

When asked why he would build a site in the already saturated arena of tech and business, Abrams Media founder Dan Abrams told me, “There are sites out there that cover some similar topics from Dealbreaker to Business Insider, Deadline to The New York Observer so we are going to need to do things differently … When Mediaite launched much of the digital media world released a collective groan followed by the requisite sneer:”right, like we really need another media site.”  Mediaite now sees around 1.2 million unique visitors monthly.

The site’s soft launch has already got me hooked, as anyone who’s followed my brief Twitter rant about Steve Ballmer can attest to (But seriously!). But whether the Mogulite’s addictiveness can sustain it’s initial hook remains to be seen, but this kind of success isn’t without precedent for Abrams. The entire site network currently averages over 9 million unique visitors per month by serving niche verticals. Abrams hopes that number will double in the next two years, as he continues to add more sites.

“The challenge is making the content compelling enough for consumers while also making it ‘insidery’ enough so that the people we write about will care what the editors think. Of course, good traffic would force them to care as has been the case with Mediaite, but at least for the first six months or so, we just need to focus on breaking news and reporting on compelling stories about compelling people,” Abrams says.

Well isn’t that the truth?