Backstage at Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘KÀ’: Part Two – "Our Stage Is The World's Largest Giant Kitchen Drawer" [TCTV]

This time last week, I wrote about my backstage tour of Cirque Du Soleil’s KÀ, at the MGM Grand. I also promised to go back and talk to the show’s technical director, Erik Walstad for TechCrunch TV.

In the video below, Erik talks about the technology behind Cirque’s most complex show, and in particular the two gigantic moving stages that form its centerpiece. Then we head to the auditorium to see that technology in action, as Erick’s team reset the show ahead of the night’s performance.

As I wrote last week, a video can’t begin to do the show – or its technology – justice, but Erick’s explanation of how the ‘Tatami Deck’ stage is just like a kitchen drawer is at least better than anything I could possibly write about it.

(And finally, there’s a special feature tucked at the end of the video. Spoiler alert: if you love English narrowboats, you won’t want to miss that.)