Obama, Zuckerberg Hold Town Hall At Facebook HQ Today: Watch The Livestream Here

President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, House Leader Nancy Pelosi, myself and a crew of over 700 Facebook employees, press and guests of The White House have gathered at Facebook HQ today, at a Town Hall Meeting organized by The White House. The Livestream of the event will be available above and on Facebook Live at 1:45pm.

Over 41,406 users have pledged to attend the event via its Facebook page (through Livestream) where the two world thought leaders will take the stage to answer vetted questions about innovation and the economy, submitted via the Facebook Event Wall. The President will also be outlining the new Startup America commitments on a panel after the talk, to be followed by a panel focused on Women in Technology.

Obama is the first President in office to speak at a Facebook Live event, with former President George W. Bush speaking with Zuckerberg at Facebook in December of 2010. Obama and Zuckerberg attended a tech star-studded dinner with Steve Jobs at Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr’s house in February of this year. There will be an Obama fundraising dinner at Salesforce head Mark Benioff’s house tonight, where Obama will be in attendance.

Also: I’m hearing that the White House Press Corps watched ‘The Social Network’ on the flight in. But that just might be a rumor..