Apple Breaks Their Own Record Once Again, Sold 18.65 Million iPhones In Q2 2011

Apple may not be able to make a white phone to save their collective life, but that hasn’t hurt the iPhone’s sales at all. For the third quarter in a row, Apple has sold more iPhones than in the quarter before.

Q4 2010? 14.1 million. Q1 2011? 16.24 million. And Q2 2011, which Apple just released their earnings for moments ago? A staggering 18.65 million. (Remember, we’re talking fiscal quarters here, not calendar quarters, which makes things a bit confusing. Apple’s fiscal quarter Q2’11 ran from December 26th, 2010 to March 26th, 2011).

That’s a monstrous 15% increase, quarter-over-quarter. That spike almost undoubtedly owes thanks to the launch of the Verizon iPhone — without it, it’s quite possible that this quarter’s iPhone sales numbers might not have been on the up and up.