Can YouTube Handle Livestreaming The Royal Wedding?

YouTube loves to push its livestreaming capabilities. It’s done U2 concerts and government debates , but now it will stream what may turn out to be its biggest live event ever: The British Royal Wedding. Well, it would be the biggest event ever if it wasn’t starting at 5 AM ET on Friday, April 29.

But you know how crazy people get for royal weddings, and plenty of people will be watching from all over the world. The U2 concert topped out at 10 million streams. The last British royal wedding was decades ago. The people are hungry for their pomp and circumstance, even those who aren’t British subjects. (I don’t understand it, I only report it).

The wedding procession will be streamed live on the Royal Channel on YouTube. Don’t forget to sign the online guest book! And if you miss it, don’t worry. I’m sure all the good parts will be televised in an endless loop that entire weekend on every TV channel.