There is no escape – YouTube to live-stream Royal Wedding, while Twitter hashtag spammed

As if you thought you could get away with switching off the TV, Google has announced that it will live stream the upcoming UK Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton via the Royal Household’s official YouTube channel.

From 9am GMT on Friday, April 29, the stream will follow the whole wedding proceedings. There will also be a live commentary (it doesn;t say who will be doing the honours). The whole thing will be made available to watch on-demand.

Although Google says a video guestbook has been opened, try commenting on the preview video. Comments disabled, guys. I wonder why?

Google says search trends show that among the top ten countries searching for “royal wedding” include Singapore and the Philippines.

There will even be Google Earth 3D imagery to offer a “Royals’-eye” view of the entire wedding procession “complete with 3D images of iconic landmarks and five species of digital trees that can be seen along the route”. They really are going to town.

Meanwhile the “official” Twitter hashtag #rw2011 is now currently the subject of a massive bun fight between royalists and republicans (we used to call then Cavaliers and Roundheads) and is also being used by Twitter spammers.

Er, congrats to Kate and William!