Social Jukebox exfm Raises $750,000 For Its Music Discovery And Sharing Extension

exfm, a Chrome extension that allows you to discover new music while browsing, today announced that it has raised $750K in seed funding. The round was led by Spark Capital, Betaworks, Founder Collective, and Dave Morgan. exfm adds to the $500K it raised back in May of last year, bringing total investment to $1.25 million. The startup will be using its proceeds to grow its team, launch mobile apps for iOS and Android, and expand its offerings beyond the Chrome extension.

Formerly ExtensionFM, in December of last year, the startup rebranded its product exfm and added a bunch of new features, including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr integration. Although Pandora and may be your go-to services for streaming radio and recommendations for similar artist, exfm is a fantastic complement to these services.

Once you’ve installed exfm’s Chrome extension, you just continue to surf the Web as you normally would, and exfm alerts you when a website you visit has an embedded or linked mp3 file. You can then either listen to the song on exfm’s player, or you can create a playlist and add it to your queue. The extension remembers where it found the songs, and can stream from the host site at any point, even if you don’t revisit the page.

Thankfully, exfm doesn’t just autoplay every song on a site while you’re there. Instead, when you arrive at a site, exfm scrapes the content and identifies each mp3. At the top of your browser, the extension indicates how many songs its found, allowing you to “play all”, or hear individual songs and add them to your queue.

exfm also provides some great ways to share. The extension’s equivalent of the “like” or “favorite” button is “note”, so that when you note a new song you’ve just heard, it tags those songs on your exfm profile so that your friends can see what you’re listening to.

And, in addition to being able to link to and share songs with your account, the extension will (if you’re a Tumblr user) scrape through the songs that your Tumblr friends have on their profiles and will hoover them into your exfm playlist. This also holds true for Facebook and Twitter — in that exfm adds songs your friends have posted to their social streams to your playlist, and can show you a realtime feed of your friends’ music fare.

This social component is absolutely huge, and it takes exfm from “just another extension” to the next level. I can’t tell you how many times I will hear a song over the course of my Internet wanderings that I really enjoy, play it a few times, but then later forget where I heard it, and don’t want to take the time to scour the Web to rediscover it. exfm makes that difficulty a thing of the past.

For those music enthusiasts out there, exfm is a bit like Songbird for Chrome. Unfortunately, exfm doesn’t yet offer a Firefox plug-in, but COO Charles Smith tells me that one should be coming down the pipeline in the next month. (Along with iOS and Android apps.)

For more, check out the video below: