Yandex bringing maps in-house – Moscow first to launch

Russia’s leading search engine Yandex has announced that its now building its own maps courtesy of its purchase of mapping data provider GIS Technologies and associated licenses last year.

The first digital map built in-house is a detailed map of Moscow and the Moscow region. It shows two times as many buildings as its previous editions, while users can see recently built apartment buildings and shopping malls because the data is very up to date. Overall, the new map of Moscow and the Moscow region includes 204 detailed maps of towns and small communities, says the company.

But most of all, Yandex is talking up its ability to keep its maps updated and therefore more accurate now that it has full control. Because its maps are proprietary rather than being bought from a third-party, the company says it is able to make changes or improvements as frequently as necessary, thus keeping the maps constantly updated.

Additionally, users are invited to help too by sending their suggestions via a feedback form. It hopes that the more user feedback the Yandex mapmakers receive, the more accurate the maps will be.

The new map is available online at or on mobile as the Yandex.Maps application.