"Quattrogiga" Leather-Bound Notebook Snaps Shut With A USB Cable

What’s the main problem with notebooks? You know, like paper notebooks, stacks of paper stuck together, that you write on. What’s the problem with them? They don’t store any gigs of data at all! Unless you manually transcribe the bits and bytes onto their pages, and that’s really not efficient. This notebook is different, though. It has quattro. Quattro. Quattro gigs, my friend.

It’s called the Quattrogiga, made by Pinetti, part of their new collection — most of which is different kinds of baskets. A strange place for a USB leather notebook case to show up, but there you go. These Italians are cuckoo.

The strap is, yes, a four-gigabyte flash drive that attaches firmly to the back and removably to the front. Could be handy, except of course in the many circumstances when you don’t want your notebook attached to your laptop.

[via LikeCool]