MXP4 launches social music gaming app Bopler Games so you can "play with hits"

Alright, who is up for a round of Lily Allen Tetris? Yes, that’s right, now you challenge your friends to various games on Facebook and select the music as well. But this is about more than just background music. MXP4‘s new social music gaming app – called Bopler Games – uses the company’s “automated level design” technology to automatically synchronize the game with the song, based on its melody, rhythm and structure. Translation: the difficulty of the game will reflect your selection in music.

The application currently features 4 different games – including previously released Pump it, which hit 1 million users within its first month. MXP4 is also in the process of developing another 6 games, which should be released shortly.

In this first beta edition of Bopler Games, users can select a game and artist of their choice from the catalogue, like Lily Allen, Culture Club, the Jonas Brothers, Kt Tunstall, Digital Underground, Norah Jones, Big Country, Fall Out Boy and Afrika Bambaataa. Personally, I’d really like to see some gamers battle it out to Norah Jones. The freemium model allows fans to play 60-second clips of their selected songs up to 3 times per day. From that point on, playing an entire track or replaying the song will require purchasing a “music pass”. Users can also use “music cash”, which is an in-game currency that can be purchased with Facebook credits or earned when users play or share games.

With the launch of Bopler Games, MXP4 officially enters the B2C space. The company had previously sold its interactive music solutions to artists in order to engage users with interactive content on their fan pages. Given the success of certain musically-oriented games, (like Guitar Hero), MXP4 may be headed in the right direction with its new Zynga-like approach. Then again, it’ll be interesting to see how many users actually go beyond the 3 x 60 second mark to actually purchase full tracks. I guess this means Tetris and music addicts, you better take your mark.