Moleskine App Perfect For Writing About The Sweet Fern, Growing Ankle High

Nick pulled out his iPad and placed it on the table. He pressed the icon for the Moleskine App and began to write.

He wrote for a little over an hour. The baristas all eyed him angrily. He was taking up a perfectly good table and hadn’t ordered anything since his Chai Decaf Latte with Extra Foam three hours before. He was also eating outside food. But Nick was an artist and his Moleskine iPad app was his palette. This would be the best House slashfic anyone on the forums had ever produced. He took a bite of his Crossanwich and continued to write.

The Moleskine iPad app is available now and is free.

The official Moleskine® App for iPhone and iPad allows you to express your creativity through text, images and sketches. Pick a classic Moleskine notebook paper style, create a new thought and start to type or draw choosing amongst different colors and sizes. Once you are done with your thought, you can store it on your device and make edits whenever you want.

Don’t forget to map your thought by adding a geo-tag and share it with your friends via the most popular social networks or email.

Think, type and draw. Giving shape to what’s in your mind has never been so easy!


• Pick a Moleskine notebook paper style: plain, ruled, squared
• Write and edit a text note
• Sketching tool
• Insert and play with your personal images
• Catalogue as many memories as you want with a full range of categories
• Play with images provided by Moleskine
• Geo-tag each note created and create a virtual map of your memories
• Share your notes with friends through email or social networks

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