Nicholas Says Adios!

Real Madrid host Barcelona later today in the first of I think 87 classics to take place over the next few weeks. In other news, I’m leaving CrunchGear.

Yup, my time here has come to an end. I’d be shocked if 90 percent of you who read this have any idea who I am, even so much as to recognize the name “Nicholas Deleon,” and I’d be equally shocked if the remaining 10 percent could give a toss, but there it is: I’m off.

“What gives?” maybe three of you will ask. Well, next week I’ll be moving over to The Daily, the fancy iPad newspaper deal that launched a few months ago. Peter’s there, too, so it’s sorta like a reunion. I’ll be writing about more or less the same topics, though presumably with less Ron and Fez references sprinkled throughout. Incidentally, the News Corp. building in Manhattan is right next door to the Sirius XM building, so that’s sorta neat.

We had some laughs (such as when I became the first person after the year 1999 to publicly perform the Macarena) and we had our fair bit of controversy—the Blizzard Real ID fiasco was a particularly dicey situation—but the most important thing is that I helped you waste a few minutes of your day while fiddling about on the Internet. A fine legacy, to be sure.

I do have a Twitter account, @nicholasadeleon (mind the tricky “A” in the middle there), but I barely use the thing. In fact, my last tweet wasn’t even in English, so I don’t know what to tell you. Follow it and see what kind magic happens. (Note: magic is not guaranteed.)

So, yeah, that’s it. Adios~!