Behind The Scenes At The New York Tech Meetup (TCTV)

Since launching in 2004, the New York Tech Meetup has mushroomed to more than 17,000 members, making it the largest MeetUp in the world. Once a month the community pours into the Skirball Center on NYU’s campus to network and watch nascent companies demo their products. Companies who’ve taken center stage in the past include Tumblr and Foursquare. Paid tickets are quickly snapped up and the organization recently hired its first Managing Director, Jessica Lawrence to handle growth.

I attended the April 6th MeetUp with approximately 800 other spectators, one of which was Craigslist Founder, Craig Newmark. His presence was a highlight for one of the presenters of Lemonade Stand, a company that helps facilitate the online buying and selling of items in a community.

Other emerging companies on stage included MeeGenius, Brainscape,, AskLocal, Addieu,, ImUp4, MessageParty, Runens, Readability, and Atavist. TechCrunch has covered some of these before.

We hope the video above gives you a taste of what happens when the world’s largest MeetUp meets, and introduces you to some of the folks who help make it all happen. Take a look and tell us if you want to see more videos like this one in the future.

Special thanks to Rosalino Ramos who shot the footage.