Twitter's Biz Stone: 'We're Long Overdue To Be Knocked Down By The Press'

Twitter co-founder and creative director Biz Stone took to his personal blog today to respond to Fortune’s cover this week on the operational problems plaguing the company.

Stone basically says that Twitter has received its fair share of good press over the past few years from media outlets and it was only a matter of time before a publication knocked the company down. He writes, the normal press cycle is to put a company on a pedestal and then knock it down. He says that Facebook and Google have both received the same sort of treatment from the press.

He doesn’t really do much in the post to defend the reports from yesterday but he did say that Twitter has to prove that the press is wrong so we can write a comeback story.

From his blog post: Twitter is an important company and it’s under scrutiny from journalists—this is exactly how it’s supposed to work. Now it’s our job to prove the reporters wrong so they can write an article later about how we have made dramatic progress.