LivingSocial Acquires SocialMedia For $3 Million

Fast growing daily deal service LivingSocial, which just raised $400 million, has acquired long suffering social advertising network SocialMedia, we’ve confirmed. The price was just $3 million, all in LivingSocial stock. Unfortunately, the company had raised around $10 million from Charles River Ventures, Marc Andreessen, Naval Ravikant and Jeff Clavier.

SocialMedia’s biggest asset today is probably its domain name. But a couple of years ago the company was tearing it up. They were one of the first companies to create a Facebook ad network that used your friends’ pictures in the ads. 2008 revenue was $15 million, and 2009 revenue was on pace to hit $25 million. Facebook tried to acquire the company, says one source. SocialMedia declined, and shortly afterwards Facebook threatened legal action against them for privacy policy violations.

What’s most fascinating about the acquisition isn’t the soft landing that the company has pulled off. It’s LivingSocial’s financials and capitalization information, disclosed during the deal negotiations, that has now landed in my inbox. More on that in a follow up post.

Update: LivingSocial Financials Exposed: $2.9 Billion Valuation, $50 Million In Revenue Per Month