Even More Next-Gen Nintendo Console Rumors

A few rumors hit the net last night regarding the next Nintendo console. Only a few minutes after I posted them, I had to update with a few more that had hit in the twenty minutes it had taken me to write it up. And now there are even more! Either a disgruntled employee is seeding these rumors, or it’s deliberate leakage from the big N.

The first update is via GamesRadar’s evaluation of the various rumors. 01.net adds some specs to what we knew yesterday, saying that the new console will have a custom three-core IBM PowerPC CPU, a Radeon R700 family GPU, and at least 512MB of RAM.

The controller, they say, has a six-inch touch screen and a user-facing camera (!) as well as a D-pad and some bumpers and triggers. This jives with what IGN’s Jim Reilly tweeted — essentially that the controller can stream games from the console like a miniature TV.

I share GamesRadar’s qualms with the touchscreen thing, and I’m suspicious of the six-inch figure. That would make it almost as big as a Galaxy Tab or PlayBook. I’d guess they’ll keep it small and SD, since HD isn’t really possible at that size anyway at the moment.

I’m going to wait for the dust to settle before attempting any kind of coherent opinion on all this stuff. Sounds expensive, though.

[via GoNintendo]