Best Buy May Release Hostage iPad 2s In Nation-Wide Sale This Sunday

There’s been some talk about Best Buy allegedly hoarding iPad 2s in order to have inventory for a big sale. We heard a few different stories and I don’t know what to actually believe, but it appears that those rumors had some truth, because Best Buy is apparently going to launch an event on the 17th (Sunday) across the country.

Will it be a crazy price? Free accessory? Or will they simply say “we’ve got ’em, come and get ’em”? It isn’t clear from the memo (leaked to Engadget) seen above. But they’re not manufacturing scarcity — the scarcity is real, and some stores will only have a handful to sell. If you’ve got one on reserve, this would be a good time to drop by, as stores should have inventory and this memo directs people to fulfill previous orders first.

Look out for an ad in the Sunday paper; we’ll post it here if we see it. Or you could just skip out on Best Buy’s shady tactics, buy online, and wait a couple weeks.