Think Tank's Retrospective 5 Is An Understated, Compact Camera Bag

If the ONA Union bag I reviewed last week seemed a little too large or expensive, take a look at Think Tank’s Retrospective 5. It’s a similar messenger/flap style, but smaller and less geared towards waxed canvas fetishists like myself. I can’t actually tell from these pictures whether it’s nylon or canvas, no matter how hard I look, but either one would be fine by me, really.

It’s got removable interior barriers for organizing your stuff, a couple exterior pockets, and considerately includes the ability to “silence” the velcro fasteners so you don’t get that rrrip noise when swapping lenses during a wedding.

Looks like a totally solid bag if all you want to carry is your camera and a couple accessories — or indeed a mirrorless camera and quite a bit more. It’s not available quite yet, but it’ll cost $129 as soon as it is.

[via Photography Bay]