Motorola Looking At A Rugged Enterprise Tablet With Android… 2.3?

I’m not really sure what to make of this. Engadget got hold of some slides detailing plans within Motorola to create a new enterprise-oriented tablet. But it’s also going to be ruggedized. And it’s also going to run Android 2.3. Huh?

My best guess is that they’re going for a sort of all-purpose device that can be used throughout the workplace, be it in the stockroom, the warehouse, or the front desk. HP currently makes a lot of specialized equipment for this kind of thing, and perhaps Motorola thinks they can beat the market leader by… well, that part isn’t clear yet.

The 2.3 thing isn’t too much of a surprise though, really: Honeycomb is still very unproven and potentially very vulnerable, and while Gingerbread doesn’t really strike me as the natural choice for secure communications, it’s a more mature OS with more security support. Anyway, don’t expect to see this thing in any window displays; like the HP Windows 7 Slate, this is going straight to businesses.