Paul Ceglia Returns To Haunt Zuckerberg, This Time With More Alleged Email Evidence

There used to be an interesting argument for Christianity. Either Jesus was ‘right’ or he was mad. But he couldn’t be just misguided. A similar argument occurs to me regarding the case of Paul Ceglia who has returned to the fray after claiming back in August that he owned 50% of Facebook. Well, it appears he may, potentially, have some interesting evidence to back up this claim.

He started from a tough place. A convicted felon, about to be charged with fraud on an unrelated company, Ceglia had waited seven years to file his first lawsuit. Facebook dismissed the claims. But now he’s back with DLA Piper, a bigger law firm used to tech cases, which has gone through his email archive with a fine toothed comb and come up with a devastating initial salvo.