CrunchDeals: External Seagate 3TB Hard Drive For $125

It’s a crazy age we’re living in that you can snag 3TB of storage for only $125. It takes a bit of tomfoolery, but nothing that’s too hard or time consuming. After all, your prize is a 3TB hard drive. For $125. Amazing.

The trick comes by way of Cnet’s Cheapskate blog that points to the on-sale Seagate Expansion 3TB USB drive. If you pad your shopping cart to $150 with, let’s say, this $0.29 eraser, and then use coupon code 48437290, the price of the entire cart drops to $125. Nice, eh. Of course the USB 2.0 interface might turn some people off, but there’s a 3TB hard drive inside the enclosure that with a little MacGyvering will fit nicely into your desktop.