Foursquare Wants To Help Google Employees Get Massive Counteroffers, Too

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley says he wants to do his part in helping Google employees get their FUM Counteroffers from Google, too (that’s what we’re calling them now, FUM Counteroffers, you can figure it out). He writes:

>> “If you’re a Google employee and you aren’t out interviewing at Facebook, Twitter or Zynga you are a moron.”

what about foursquare, brother?!

we’re hiring faster than we can drop desks in here!

where’ the love?! :)

Dennis Crowley
co-founder / ceo, foursquare

We’ll, there’s the love right there, Dennis. So if you’re a Googler and want tens of millions of dollars for doing nothing more than interviewing at a startup, add Foursquare to that list. And let us know if it works.

Dennis adds “we‘re hiring engineers by the boatload in both NYC and SF. i think our eng team in NY is one of the best engineering teams in the city. super smart people solving very hard problems.”

Foursquare jobs are here.