Thanks, FCC! This Is The Dell Panerai Convertible Tablet

Looks like the FCC just tipped another product before its official announcement. The Dell Panerai seems to be from the same cloth as the Inspiron Duo convertible netbook although just a few schematics are in the FCC docs. An a/b/g/n Intel Centrino 6230 chipset is listed as the WiFi card of choice, which then confirms that this notebook will have a bit more power than the Insprion Duo as the Centrino 6 series are reserved just for Sandy Bridge Core processors. Hopefully inside the Dell casing is a battery that can pump for more than just a few hours with a thirsty Core i3/i5 at the core. Of course the FCC didn’t slip in a little note about when this guy will hit the market or the expected price. Sheesh. [Wireless Goodness via SlashGear]