Google Registers A Bunch Of Music And Cloud Related Domain Names

Earlier this week, Google registered a slew of .com domain names related to music and clouds.

A tipster points out that the Internet company registered names like,, GoogleSoprano and along with, and

None of them resolve to an actual website (at least not yet), but WHOIS searches reveal they were all registered by Google last Wednesday.

Alto, bass, soprano and tenor are of course well-known human singing voice types (although, technically, alto is not a voice type but in fact a “designated vocal line in choral music based on vocal range”). Lightning, thunder and nebula all have something to do with clouds (nebula is Latin for ‘cloud’).

This doesn’t mean anything, but I thought it’d be fun noting the domain name registrations because of Google’s imminent introduction of a cloud-based music service, ya know.

A TechCrunch t-shirt if you can find more domain names Google registered on April 6.

Update: that didn’t take long. Other domains registered by Google last Wednesday:,,,,,, and

[Picture of (a wax statue of) world-famous operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti courtesy of Flickr user cliff1066™, and the hat tip goes to editor JB.]