Video Game Retailer GameStop Opens For Business On Facebook

Video game retailer GameStop is throwing its hat into the social e-commerce ring today with the launch of a Facebook store, powered by, Adgregate Markets. The store is available on GameStop’s Facebook
page here.

For GameStop, a Facebook storefront is yet another move in a string of announcements that are pushing the retailer into the digital world. GameStop just bought Spawn Labs, a startup that develops game streaming technology; and online game distribution platform Impulse. And last year,the company bought Kongregate, a social gaming destination and community site for gamers.

GameStop’s Facebook store features the ability to buy games and view product videos, reviews and ratings, store finders, product carousels, and the ability to like and share products. Fans can purchase “pre-orders” on games for in-store delivery pick up. GameStop’s Facebook store also allows its fans to earn and redeem points when making purchases in Facebook via its loyalty program.

As we heard yesterday, the retailer is also considering building an iPad competitor of its own, in the hope of getting into the tablet business.