Nikon D3 Powers Through Mud, Still Works Flawlessly

I’m consistently amazed at how durable modern cameras are. I mean, old cameras sure — I’ve got an old Canon FTb that would serve just fine as a hammer, or a brick — but my Rebel XSi? I love it, but it feels like a little rough treatment would crack it like an egg. Yet the 7D, Rebel XT, and today this Nikon D3 have all shown that they can take a licking and keep on… exposing.

This one was taken on a duck shoot (of the nonviolent kind, where you shoot them with cameras) where it needed to be dragged through mud and water all day long. The photographer, JP Carino, says he was pouring water onto the LCD to keep it clear. And true to its promises, the D3 and its (very expensive Nikkor 500 f/4 VR) lens survived just fine, and he reports there isn’t a speck of dirt on the internals, nor evidence of water leakage.

I’m definitely getting a weather-sealed model for my next camera. Maybe when I see a 7D for under a grand…

[via Nikon Rumors]