MobSmith Launches Turnkey Mobile Ad Creation Platform

The mobile advertising space is a multi-billion dollar market and startups and companies are battling it out for a piece of this very large (and growing) pie. Today, MobSmith is launching as a turnkey mobile ad creation platform to help advertisers create rich media, interactive ads for mobile phones.

MobSmith, which was formerly known as NearbyAd, allows advertisers to execute rich campaigns that can be personalized and targeted using criteria such as a user’s location, demographic, or publisher’s content.
The platform allows users to use dynamic changing content for personalized ads, gives users access to analytics and integrates with existing ad networks.

Ingrid Lestiyo, CEO and co-founder of MobSmith, says that clients who used products such as Doubleclick for Mobile found them to be insufficient for serving and targeting premium campaigns. She says her startup provides the tools and technology to execute premium, interactive campaigns at scale.

MobSmith, which is currently being used by NetShelter Technology Media and TripIt, just raised $575,000 from Blumberg Capital, XG Ventures, and various angel investors.

It should be interesting to see how MobSmith fares. Going head to head with Google’s DoubleClick is no easy feat. But that doesn’t mean the underdog can’t win.