Innobell's Android App Adds Facebook, Maps, PayPal, YouTube And More To IM Chat

Innobell launching a texting app for Android phone, that adds another layer of apps on top of chat by allowing users to add and share maps to chats, YouTube videos, games and more. You can also wire money via PayPal within the app, send links and access and post Facebook photos to the group chats. You can access the app here.

So if you are chatting with a contact and want to post your location, you can simply add a map to the chat with your exact location. Or if you are chatting with a friend and want to share a YouTube video, you can access YouTube from within the IM chat, and post the video. You can also use the add-ons during calls with contacts.

Innobell’s founder Shai Magzimof has an interesting backstory. Originally enrolled in Y Combinator’s 2010 program, Magzimof was called for duty in the Israeli army and was forced to cut his program short. He eventually negotiated with the Israeli powers that be to take an extended period of time off (he plans to return to the army at some point his tour), so that he could develop Innobell.

Magzimof says that he is also exploring adding the ability to post Groupons, play multi player games (i.e. Poker), schedule a meetings with calendars, and share to-do lists. The startup hasn’t really managed to figure out monetization yet. For now Innobell plans to make money from affiliate fees from the sale of virtual goods within games, mobile commerce or group buying.

It’s important to note that the combination of IM, calling and the apps will not work on CDMA Android phones, but is functional on LTE phones. The IM and add-on capabilities will work on all Android phones. Innobell, which has raised $100,000 in funding, is also exploring developing similar apps for the iPhone and BlackBerry.