Asus Launches The Eee Pad Transformer's Product Page, Releases Source Code

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is nearing a US release — at least that’s what Fandroids hope. The Transformer hit Taiwanese retailers late last month and it’s been showing up randomly in retailer’s websites. Asus just launched the official product page that details the convertible tablet down to each spec. The only thing missing at this point is the US release date and pricing even though a prematurely launched Best Buy product page pegs the 16GB flavor at $400, the 32GB at $500 and the optional dock for $150.

Asus also just released the source code for Transformer’s Linux kernel. While it’s not the entire Android 3.0 system it should be enough for app developers to code not only for the Transformer but other Honeycomb devices as well. The Android scene is still patiently waiting for Google to release the entire code for their “open” platform.

UPDATE: Check out the unboxing here.