The Sprint HTC EVO VIEW 4G To Run The Sweet And Tasty Honeycomb At Launch

Good news for the dozen people waiting for the Sprint-branded HTC Flyer. Your tablet of choice is reportedly hitting with Honeycomb pre-loaded. See? That’s good news. I wasn’t lying.

This comes by way of a Sprint page that clearly states the EVO View 4G will have “Android 3.0 just for tablets.” Clearly HTC felt the Android rage when the Flyer debuted back in Feburary with HTC Sense running on top of Gingerbread. The Internet collectively said “Y U No Love Ur Tablet Buyers?” No word on the already sold GSM units but chances are they will get the sweet Honeycomb love sometime — I say sometime because HTC isn’t known for pushing updates in a timely fashion. [Sprint via AndroidCommunity]