Sorenson Media CEO Explains How They're Helping Move Hollywood To The Cloud (Video)

Video on the web may be ubiquitous these days, but while uploading a few amateur clips to YouTube is a cinch, things get hairy fast as soon as you start encoding and managing your own video content. From codecs to huge file sizes to actually putting that content in a playable form, handling a lot of video footage requires plenty of processing power and advanced software.

One company that’s long been involved in this space is Sorenson Media, which offers cloud-based services at an enterprise scale and also develops desktop encoding software like Squeeze. And this week the company has some big news: Technicolor will be using Sorenson’s ‘Squeeze Solution Pack’ to help power a new cloud-based system for motion picture and television dailies.

Dailies, for those of us outside of show biz, are the tapes of rough footage produced and distributed as a film or TV shoot is ongoing — allowing people involved with the production to stay abreast of its progress. And, as Sorenson CEO Peter Csathy explains in the video above, the security of these dailies is of the utmost importance — to the point that some studios still distribute them by hand.

Csathy says that the new solution that Technicolor is developing using Sorenson’s technology will give studios a more efficient way to manage this content that doesn’t require sending interns across town. For more details, check out the video.