GameStop's Future Plans Include Tablets And TVs

Even though GameStop has been the leader in retail video game sales, investors have been nervous that digital sales will outgrow physical. But after GameStop acquired Spawn Labs, a game streaming service, and Impulse, a digital distribution service, investors have been more confident in GameStop’s future. Apparently management is making all the right moves to secure GameStop’s future.

“Our customers are beginning to consume games in a hybrid manner, both physical and digital, so we are becoming a hybrid company to meet their needs. Both of these programs are designed to sell more of the games we sell today,” said GameStop’s president, Tony Bartel.

The Spawn Labs service may soon come to TVs, much like Netflix and other TV apps, allowing customers to try out games before purchasing, either digitally or by ordering a physical copy.

GameStop also notes they plan on getting serious about tablets. Five Dallas stores have already begun allowing customers to trade in their old tablets in exchange for store credit. And later this year they plan to sell tablets with the ability to stream games using Spawn or download games using Impulse. GameStop’s president is also considering creating a GameStop branded tablet. Yeah, that’ll work.