Six Launches At #Techonomy3 – The Latest From The Nation Of Startups

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Tel Aviv and get a brief taster of the startup scene here. At one point I was interviewed by The Marker, a business newspaper and, after a couple of days of trying to find someone who wasn’t in a startup (outside of the hotel staff) I had to admit to the journalist “If you threw a stone in Tel Aviv, it would probably hit a high-tech entrepreneur.”

Today, six new startups launch at Techonomy3 in Tel Aviv, joining the mass of startups here, and I would say all of them are pretty interesting one way or another. Here are the individual write-ups on each of the startups which launched (the names of the companies links will go live as they launch): HitPad, Dapsem, Magisto, Tingiz, TVTak and Jumboard.