Apple Finally Figures Out A Way To Get An iAd In My Face: An iAd App

I’ve used hundreds upon hundreds of iPhone applications at this point. But the funny thing is that not once can I recall running into an Apple iAd in any of those apps. Despite a much ballyhooed launch, if my situation is any indication, things are not going as well as planned. So now Apple is taking a new approach: an app.

Apple has just released the iAd Gallery app into the App Store. The (obviously) free download allows you to see how the elusive ads actually look and work on the iPhone. And while this may seem like a pretty good way for app developers to see what the ads will look like in their apps, the tagline almost makes it seem as if it’s for consumers as well: Great ads. On-demand. In your pocket.

Just what we all want, right? No?

The app itself allows you browse newly created iAds as well as browse the entire gallery to see any iAd that has been made since the program launched last year. Clicking on them will drill down and allow you to see the ad itself. And get this: you can actually “Love” the ads by hitting the heart icon in the upper right if you really like the ad. Why would you do that? I have no idea. But you can.

The last area of the app gives a way for brands and app developers to easily contact Apple to sign up for iAds.

Now that I’ve actually seen a few of the ads, I will say that they are quite good compared to the regular garbage ads we see on the web. All of them take advantage of some iPhone element from multi-touch to the accelerometer. Of course, many of then are also pretty slow with all the loading for interactive elements. But at least that only comes after you’ve opted-in to viewing them (by clicking on the banner for the ad).

You can find iAd Gallery in the App Store here.